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The idea is well laid out, it's like in geometry dash, but most of the time I died because it generated a diagonal on the level that was not consistent with the angle in which the player moves, so I inevitably crashed and so I lost all my life, it would be good if the level was generated with angles according to the angle in which the player moves

deep-games responds:

Hi Thx For Ur Feedback , About The Obstacles Each One , Has Been Calculated So The Player Can Bypass The Wave,If Not It Was Only A Bug .
Thanks For Your Report

Great game! Personally I would like more than 1 life on the bosses, or reduce its hitboxes, on the first boss I fall over his head and still killed me

HellfireJefe responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I think we can look into making the boss a little more lenient

good!!! But no music? :(

F1Krazy responds:

I didn't get round to it in time. The finished game will have music.

Great game!!!

Excelent game and nice story, but I have a bug, I bough extra lives and still have the same lives

F1Krazy responds:

I haven't been able to replicate this issue. Can you try again and let me know if it's still happening?

THIS GAME IS AMAZIIING, very nice!! Reminds me to that Nitrome game Steamlands, would be cool an high score table and a bigger scenario, I felt trapped sometimes, but great work anyway!

Amaziiiiiiiing game, too adictive, I hate that fuck*ng car

This is sooo coool!!!

Very nice game!

Have potential! But you need to progress more in the development, would be cool if the waves were more huge at the start, or the curve of difficulty were more high, because the game feels slow, but nice work! Also change the sound effects and add some music

Kehmicle responds:

The music can be turned on in the menu under settings > audio! [ it should just play though ]
Thank you for your review!

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