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I loved the game, especially the interesting mechanics, I feel that it subverts the conventional roguelike genre. That of being free to choose where to start and finish, building your build seems fascinating to me, it reminds me of Dark and Darker, but roguelike and with fruits shooting each other (WTF).

Good game, I hope you don't mind if I take inspiration from that concept for some game of mine in the future hahaha <3

Prox276 responds:

Haha, thanks! I don't mind! <3

Great game! But I pressed esc waiting to pause the game and lost everything :(

LionJeff responds:

So sorry that happened, but good news - I updated the controls to allow ESC to pause/unpause - shouldn't be an issue now!

Thanks for playing and leaving this comment! It was suggested before but I needed some additional requests to make it so!

Nice game!!! Just a sugerence, let the players skip the tutorial pleaseee, I lose all my lives on that level lol

EvilMushroom99 responds:

I'm working on it! Thanks!! hahaha

Omg the art is so cool! Very good job :)

wtf bro, this game is a master piece in progress, I have never seen a combat system like this never before on an RPG, 10/5 stars

amazing art!!!!!

Amazing!!!! Would you hate me if I made a similar game? I love this mechanics lol

EDIT: I noticed that the highscore table is not working :(

Franuka responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! Go ahead, as long as you don't copy the art or something like that lol
Yeah, I didn't implement highscores in this game, just the medals

Very cooool! I played for a while and is very enjoying, I would like more artwork in the background a variery of bosses (idk if there are more bosses later in the game)

Akari21 responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it! This is my first game, so right now is just a small project, but I'm planning to do a bigger version of it, with more enemies and bosses. Thanks for your feedback! :)

Can you make it to shot with the left click? is really hard to play shooting with the spacebar, aiming with mouse and walking with arrow keys

GamerWrist100 responds:


Good, but would be good to increase the character's deacceleration

TroubledKarma56 responds:

Thanks for the feedback :D

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